What is B2b Marketing & Lead generation services

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What is B2b Marketing & Lead generation services

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B2b lead generation


Business to business marketing basically implies Business to Business marketing or selling product or services to other companies. B2b can be simplified like wholesaler to wholesaler buy or sell , manufacturer to importer or  corporate to corporate business transaction . Generally B2b transaction involves

sampling | Bulk buying | Distributor network | dealer network etc…

Therefore its nature of marketing is also very different as compared to b2c marketing.

Here in B2b marketing companies primary focus on

  •     Generating High value sale or channel network
  •     creating Brand Building
  •     Inviting franchise / Distributor / Dealer or unit level associates with term & condition

B2b marketing involves huge amount of marketing investment for getting verified and serious lead. B2b marketing now a days offline done by marketing agencies and digital b2b portals. B2b marketing strategy varies from locality to locality | Geographical area to geographical area. one must be very sure about b2b marketing activity and process.

B2b lead generation technique

b2b lead gen technique  There are various technique available in b2b lead gen. Earlier before 20 years , business enterprises used local media to generate B2b lead  through

  •      News paper classified
  •     Local flyer
  •     Local business directory
  •    local radio advertisement
  •    Industry exhibition …so on

Therefore with growing business opportunity and demand B2b lead gen technique not changed but added technology support like

  •      b2b lead gen through affiliate network
  •      b2b lead gen through magazine advertisement
  •     B2b lead gen through cal centre calling
  •     B2b lead gen through sales meeting & cold calls
  •     B2b lead gen through content marketing
  •     b2b lead gen through e commerce posrtal
  •    b2b lead gen through b2b portals
  •     B2b lead gen through b2b client reference ….etc



Difference between B2b & B2c

  1. B2b & B2c pricing ;- this is major factor in differentiating B2b & B2c business and marketing. Although B2c price pay instant through third party payment gateway payment  instead in b2b price vary from customer to customer with reference to quantity of order.
  2. Business process :- b2c primarly a online instant transaction where you get order and immediately dispatch the material with full advance payment but in b2b business process you receive order in kind of sample enquiry where first you send the sample and then receive bulk order with payment term as per decided term and condition .

difference between b2b & b2c


B2b portals & B2b call centre & B2b telemarketing

Current Global B2b Portals List

  •     Alibaba
  •    Indiamart
  •    Trade India
  •    Connectsupplier 
  •    exportersindia
  •    Globalsources
  •    Tradekey
  •    Tradexl
  •    eindiabusiness
  •    sourcekey
  •   Pipagora
  •    smemart ……. many more b2b portals are live and providing business listing and information to their website user therefore you will find lot more local b2b portals in India, UAE , America and Europe and other countries.
B2b clients & its industry

There are various b2b Industries in global market like

  • Industrial machinery
  • handicraft
  • It & telecom
  • Sports Good & equipment
  • Plant & machinery
  • Ayurveda
  • Pharmaceutical Industry….etc
Business to Business E commerce
  1.  Aliexpress
  2.  tolexo
  3. industrybuying
  4. amazon
  5. flipkart
  6. ebay…etc



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